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Specialists in education, care and support of children face the important task of cooperating with parents for the benefit of the child. But what happens when parents undermine the standards of a respected fellow citizen by expressing prejudice or misanthropic opinions?

Some parents show that they belong to the right-extremist scene. It can be assumed that they align their parenting behaviour accordingly and convey their views to their child at an early age. When forming pedagogical interactions with children from such families, the question arises as to which inclusion and educational strategies can be implemented to counter the discriminative behaviour of such children.

ElternStärken (Parents Strengthened) offers support in developing solutions and intervention options for pedagogical work with children, and parents. We work closely with experts in both practice and science. We support parents of right-extremist orientation and respective at-risk youth. Berlin offers a broad network of consulting and support services.


The project “ElternStärken – advice, network, continuing education on family and right-extremism” began in 2008 as part of the Berlin Senate’s Agency for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination in the context of the state program “Democracy. Diversity. Respect. Against right-extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.” The project is also supported by pad gGmbH, an organization offering preventive services in the social sector for all ages. The pad gGmbH is also a recognized supporter of Jugendhilfe (youth support services) and has worked for 15 years with various projects in the field of democracy development.


Professionals work with parents who express their prejudices and rejection of people from other backgrounds, religions and sexual orientation in social situations.
Based on professional experiences and case histories, the behaviour must first be interpreted correctly. Next, a procedure for the specific workplace can be identified to maintain a successful balance between relationship work and content-related demarcation or positioning. The reflection of one’s own attitude as a specialist, as well as the team and organization’s understanding are important prerequisites for a professional approach.
ElternStärken provides a comprehensive range of information, advice, professional development and networking for professionals from youth welfare, schools, day-care centres, parenting and family counselling centres.
With our documented case studies, we offer specialists information, knowledge and opportunities for reflection in the fields of youth welfare and day-care, as well as counselling with parents and relatives of right-extremist sons and daughters in educational and family centres.


For professionals of day-care and family centres, youth welfare, support and schools:

  • Individual professional development courses and modular trainings
  • Conferences
  • In-house training and coaching for individuals, teams and institutions
  • Advisory services for specialists, managers and teams
  • Materials including brochures and handouts
  • Materials from other organizations
  • Assessments and solutions from experts on common problems when working with right-leaning, right-extremist parents
  • These options (in German) can be booked free of charge via the state of Berlin.
  • Please inform yourself about our offer for specialists (link to „Offers for skilled workers“).
  • Our current training offers can be found here: (link to „News/Aktuelles“)
  • Appointments for consultations, team coaching or in-house training can be arranged by phone or email at any time.


  • Professional ethical foundations of educational action – reflection of mission and one’s attitude as a specialist
  • Interaction with parents – action and argumentation strategies when parents pick up their children and in parent conferences.
  • Pedagogical work with children – what to do with children who express discrimination?
  • Possible impairment of children’s developmental needs through education based on prejudice and stereotypes
  • Case studies
  • Preventive approaches and methods when working with parents and children


We are available to parents and relatives concerned about children who might fall into right-extremist scenes. We can clarify the situation, obtain information and determine individual support needs. Upon request, we will arrange contact with corresponding counselling centres through which further support can be ensured. For example, youth support, parenting and family counselling centres, and therapy options. Please inform yourself: https://www.mein-kind-ist-rechts.de


We offer training and networking opportunities for parents and grandparents in day-care centres and schools who want to respectfully engage with institutions (e.g. as parent representatives). Our goal is to work for a democratic culture, diversity, educational justice and anti-discrimination.
Please inform yourself in detail about our offer for parents.